Exceeding expectations, always

We have been a pioneer of legacy products that fulfil a requirement in a simple and dependable manner. We aim to lead the way in expanding consciousness of legacy foresight.

With our services growing from historically charitable objectives, we firmly believe this sets us apart from other organisations. Our Personal and Charity divisions each provide a fair and dependable service for our highly valued customers.

Why us?

We are trusted by over 100 UK Charities to provide donors and supporters with a simple, stable mechanism to enable them to leave a legacy cash gift which the charity will receive when they die.
We now also provide the same simple, stable mechanism to help individuals make funeral cost provision or support loved ones when they are no longer around.

Financial security - Powered by BlackRock

We don’t money manage ourselves, we trust that to BlackRock inc, and utilise their managed funds for growth and protection of capital. With their sustained record of performance BlackRock are trusted to manage more money than any other firm in the world (Based on $5.12 trillion in assets under management as of 30/09/2016).


Originating from philanthropy roots, customer interaction has lead us to extend our scope to provide personal provision services.


Legacy philanthropy accounts for approximately a third of annual funding for charitable causes, yet just seven percent of people choose to leave a charitable legacy gift. We work to make leaving a charitable legacy a more rewarding experience and offer people a simple, stable mechanism to support good causes.

The “My Charitable Legacy” overall purpose is to provide additional revenue streams for charitable causes and organisations, assisting in the advancement of their objectives.