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A straightforward plan with fast payout, so your loved ones don’t have to worry

Pay money in, the Cash Sum earns inflation-linked interest for life and when you die it is paid to the recipient you have nominated to receive it within 24 hours of a payout request, without them having to wait for the distribution of your estate, so it’s available when it’s needed.

It is this straightforward

  • Select the plan amount
  • Pay by a single payment or by a number of equal monthly instalments
  • The plan earns inflation-linked interest
  • On death the inflation-linked cash sum is paid out before probate, direct to the recipient you have nominated

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Unique benefits of our plan

  • Pay money in and on death the plan pays out a cash sum direct to the recipient you have named.
  • You never pay in more than is paid out.
  • The plan is paid out within 24 hours of a payout request, before probate as it is outside your estate, so it is there when it’s needed.
  • The plan locks in today’s prices as it is inflation-linked.
  • The recipient does not have any rights to the cash sum until your death.
  • You can change the recipient at anytime.
  • You can cash-in your plan at anytime.

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Reasons to start a plan



Simple inflation-linked provision.

Funeral Top-Up

Funeral Top-Up

Make provision for expenses that are not included within a prepaid funeral plan.

Loved Ones

Loved Ones

Support loved ones with a inflation-linked cash sum paid on death.

Charitable Legacy

Charitable Legacy

Be amazing and support a charity.

Why start a plan?

  • It can be a cost effective way to pay funeral costs, enabling your money to go further.
  • It is a simple way to leave a cash sum gift to loved ones.
  • It can provide financial support when you are no longer around.
  • It can help cover any unpaid household bills.
  • Leave a charitable legacy gift without it coming from your estate.

Cost and Payout Comparison

Over 50 Life Insurance v Bequest Direct Inflation-linked Cash Plan

Compare SunLife Bequest Direct
Inflation linked payout
Never pay more than paid out
You can cash your plan in
Paid out direct to recipient

Limitations of Prepaid Funeral Plans

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